Some types of food such as flour, jam, sugar and pasta… can stay for a long time if it is stored properly. By using the best vacuum sealer for these foods, you can make the airtight seal so that it can keep the food fresh more than 5 times.

The best ways to store some powder and dry ingredients is to use the vacuum sealer. Rather, this machine can be used to preserve other different foods such as salad, breakfast, fruits or grains…

How to store, seal and savor your foods?

In order to begin, you set all series of empty and clean jars out on the counter. Then, you take a piece of label or tape and a permanent marker, stick it on each jar and write down the contents of each jar. This step can give the efficient storage for the foods as well as you can able to keep the dry ingredients separated with the wet ingredients when you seal and store the foods.

For each far, you fill it with your favorite ingredients you want to store. However, you should make sure that you will save at least a space of 1 inch at the jar top for sealing. Then, you closed the lid on the jar by placing the flat part. Next, you attach the jar sealer to create the airtight lock for the jar. By this way, it will prevent some harmful particles out of touching your foods you are vacuuming and sealing.

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Which Foods is well – suited for the jars?

The best way to preserve some foods such as fruits, meats and vegetables is to use the bags of vacuum sealer machine or clean containers. These foods can be preserved for long term storage in the freezer and fridge until you use it.

Some naturally long shelf life ingredients are better to store in the jars. This is the great method, especially for the dry ingredients in baking industry including soda, baking powder, flour, sugar, cornstarch, brown sugar… In addition, there are many other dry foods that are suitable to preserve in the jars such as beans, pasta, coffee, cereal and nuts. Moreover, if you want to keep your special memories lasting forever, you can save it in the decoration jars and use the vacuum sealer to seal these mementos.

Prepare the meals for your children when you are away

When you are going far away home in the weekend, do you want to leave your children at home without foods? They will not have many choices for each meal when they are home alone. Leaving some dollars for fast food is very easy but this food does not have enough nutrition for your children. Instant noodles are not the good idea, too. Therefore, instead of allowing your children to eat fast food the whole day when you are away home in the weekend, you just need to spend a couple minutes of time preparing nutritious meals for your children. You can seal the bag with your love into this.

  • Breakfast: you can store fresh blueberries with the vacuum sealer and put it in the fridge. By this way, your children can eat a bowl of blueberries and oatmeal to start their new day.
  • Lunch:You seal spinach salad and store it in the fridge. So your children can take the spinach salad out of the fridge and pour a little of vinegar on the jar. They can add more beef or chicken breast for delicious dish. For their convenience, they can eat in the jar. Hence, the full nutrition meal is ready for your children.
  • Dinner:You seal the salmon and preserve it on the fridge. Then, you children can heat it up and eat.

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